2019 Picks Week 3

Each week during the high school football playoffs our Patriot Game of the Week staff will predict who will move on in the match-ups involving Catholic League schools. Our picking lineup includes the game announcers: Jeremy Otto, Chad Bush, and Sean Baligian and the Drive Home Show hosts: Brendan Johnson, Atif Lodhi, and Gus Vanderdonck! We have a three-way tie for first in the standings:


Gus: 10-5

Chad: 10-5

Jeremy: 10-5

Sean: 9-6

Brendan: 9-6

Atif: 7-8



U of D Jesuit at Detroit King  

Gus: Detroit King

Chad: U of D Jesuit

Jeremy: Detroit King

Sean: Detroit King

Brendan: Detroit King

Atif: Detroit King



River Rouge at Orchard Lake Saint Mary’s

Gus: Orchard Lake Saint Mary’s

Chad: Orchard Lake Saint Mary’s

Jeremy: Orchard Lake Saint Mary’s

Sean: Orchard Lake Saint Mary’s

Brendan: Orchard Lake Saint Mary’s

Atif: Orchard Lake Saint Mary’s



Detroit Loyola at Cass City  

Gus: Detroit Loyola

Chad: Cass City

Jeremy: Detroit Loyola

Sean: Detroit Loyola

Brendan: Detroit Loyola

Atif: Cass City



Fowler at Shrine

Gus: Fowler

Chad: Shrine

Jeremy: Fowler

Sean: Fowler

Brendan: Shrine

Atif: Fowler


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