USA Today: It’s Scary Citizens Had Guns When Attacked in Texas Church

A recent op-ed and tweet from USA Today is getting heated backlash on social media.

Following the attack at a Texas church, pretty much everyone is in agreement that Jack Wilson is a hero, saving countless lives. Wilson, a church attendee also trained as a security guard, took the shooter down in six seconds with one shot.

But USA Today in both their op-ed and tweet seem more concerned about video showing other parishioners were obviously armed as well. Although none of them fired a single shot, USA Today called the idea of church-goers prepared to defend themselves “terrifying.”

David French called it the opposite of terrifying noting those people “had the restraint not to fire.”

Several people on Twitter said USA Today just doesn’t get it, arguing this incident proves the lefts “narrative is wrong about gun owners."

Corrie O'Connor

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